Estimate Works™ Multi-User Version Comparison

Estimate Works™ software is an investment that will deliver results both immediately and in the long term. Our professional quality proposals will help you convert your estimates to contracts. Deliver your proposal on-site immediately using a laptop or tablet PC for even better results. Then use our mail merge and customer reports to follow up and keep in touch.

The multi user version has the ability to import and export estimates as well as rates and settings and schedule appointments through Microsoft Exchange Server, suited mainly for multi estimator firms.

Estimate Works™ Features:

  • Unlimited items per room/area (multiple window sizes, doors, extra charges etc).
  • Per item adjustment factor for adjusting painting prices according to the difficulty of the application.
  • Unlimited extra 'per estimate' charges.
  • Additional factor for setup/cleanup.
  • Materials and rates database that includes painting production rates, materials costs and coverage for a range of common items.
  • Easily editable rates based on unit pricing (sq.ft., lin. ft., per each).
  • Detail and work order reports with detailed information such as the amount of materials required, materials costs and number of hours required for the applications.
  • The option of printing estimates and contracts without the room/area prices.
  • Additional reports including customer lists and mailing labels.
  • Export job and appointment dates to MS Outlook.
  • Selections for payment dates and amounts due.
  • User defined systems/assemblies.
  • Create an unlimited selection of customized templates for exterior and interior proposals, contracts, letters etc by adding our 'tags' to your own documents.
  • Design 'mail merge' letters for advertising.
  • Use our unique photo tools to add images to your proposals.
  • Export your job totals to QuickBooks**.
  • Import/export estimates between field (laptop or tablet PC) and office computers. Import files can be transmitted via email.*
  • Import/export rates and settings between office and field computers.*

* Available with Enterprise version only.
** Included at no charge with the Enterprise version.

Estimate Works™ Comparison Chart:

Single User Version Multi User Version
Product Pricing $429.00 from $795.00
Unlimited materials and rates settings check check
Mail Merge for letters/flyers check check
Appointment scheduling integrated with MS Outlook check check
Appointment scheduling integrated with MS Exchange Server   check
Photo Insert tools for including images in proposals check check
User defined systems/assemblies check check
Fully customizable proposal format check check
Unlimited alternative proposals check check
Import/Export estimates    check
Import/Export rates and settings   check
Export for QuickBooks check
(available at extra cost)
Program Updates (free for one year) check check

Estimate Works™ Export for QuickBooks®:

Use our Export for QuickBooks® to add to the management features already included with Estimate Works™. With the QuickBooks® job costing and payroll modules you can apply your costs directly to each job then run the job cost reports to see at a glance if you are allowing enough for both materials and labor.

Painting Franchise Company Branding:

DevWave Software Inc. is currently accepting proposals from franchises and other organizations that are interested in branding and distributing our software.

Customized installations of our software can include:

  • a unique 'splash screen' that displays your logo to the end user when they start the software.
  • a default database containing your own material descriptions and rates.
  • default proposal templates that can include your logo and text.
  • a default style sheet that writes the proposals in your specified fonts and colors.

For further information on these partnership opportunities direct inquiries to: