Material Rate Categories

Estimate Works is shipped with default categories for some of the most common painting items. The existing default categories can be re-ordered or have their settings changed, but cannot be deleted or renamed. Users can also create unlimited new categories to represent any other types of charge items used in their business. Categories represent default settings for Materials and Rates as well as being used for grouping and ordering on estimates, reports and the area details on the interior and exterior estimating forms.

Required fields:

  • Description - A short description (max 10 chars) that appears on the 'Type' column on the interior and exterior input forms as well as on reports. It is recommended that this be consistent with the existing default categories for consistence.
  • Display Units - Either per sq. unit, per lineal unit or per each. This controls the unit settings for each Material/Rate entered for this category. This also controls the default units on the interior/exterior input forms.
  • Use coats - controls whether or not the number of coats selected will be displayed on the item pricing. If this is NOT checked then the number of coats on the interior/exterior input forms will display as 'n/a' and will not print on the estimates/contracts. Check this item only where 'coats' are applicable.
  • Area Defaults - controls how the default unit quantities are calculated on the interior/exterior input forms. 'None' - there is no default quantity (zero) unless the units are per each in which case the default quantity is 1 (one). 'Wall area' - the default quantity will be based on the quantity of wall units calculated on the dimensions entered for the area estimated. 'Floor/ceiling area' - the default quantity will be based on the floor/ceiling calculation for the area being estimated. 'Perimeter area' - the default quantity will be based on the perimeter of the area being estimated.

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