Customizing Document Templates

Estimate Works for Word uses document templates to write proposals, client letters etc. These are simply Word documents that contain Estimate Works <<TAGS>> to identify where fields will be written. An unlimited number of different proposals can be created and the document to be used is selected when printing an estimate, proposal or contract from the the Interior Painting and Exterior Painting forms or client letters printed from the Client form.

Editing/Adding documents:
Estimate Works template documents can be opened from the Documents - Edit Estimate Templates or Estimates - Estimate Templates - Edit Estimate Template menu selections on the toolbar. Document templates are saved by default to the 'Templates' sub-directory (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Estimate Works V6\Templates\). Save any new Estimate Works template documents to this directory to make them easily accessible to the program.

Estimate Works will automatically complete each <<TAG>> field in the document with the current estimate/client data when printing from our Print Document form. To add a tag to an open template, select the Documents - Insert Estimate Template Fields or Estimates - Estimate Templates - Insert Estimate Template Fields menu selections on the toolbar. Choose the type of template field then select the field from the displayed list. Click Apply to insert the tag at the cursor position on the document.

  • Client Details: All client name and contact details.
  • Company Information: All of your company's name and contact details.
  • Estimate Cost Details: Estimate total fields such as tax amounts, sub-total, grand total and factors.
  • Estimate Details: Estimate detail fields such as estimate dates, site description and details, warranty terms etc.
  • Estimate Sections: Multiple item estimate sections including the room/area details, included and excluded items, extra charges and payment terms.
  • Payment fields: Individual draw dates and amount.
  • Formatting fields: Include a table of contents.

Document Template Styles:
Font styles will be applied to the document when it is used according to the settings on the Styles and Font Settings form. Templates should use the basic fonts such as Normal, Heading 1 and Heading 2. See Styles and Font Settings for more information on setting the styles. The styles in your Word '' template will be ignored for the styles configured in Estimate Works.

Selecting Document Templates:
The template to use for printing the current proposal, estimate, contract or client letter will be selected from the Print Document form at the time of printing.

Setting Default Documents:

The default proposal document for the Interior Painting and Exterior Painting forms can be set on the 'Document Settings' tab of the Print Document form. Select the document to be set as default from the available list of templates and click the 'Set Default Document' button.

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