Estimate Works Painting Materials & Rates

Estimate Works is shipped with over 300 default rates and descriptions for some of the most common painting items. The rates and descriptions for all items can be edited and unlimited new items can be added to meet the needs of the user.

Rates can be entered (or existing rates edited) from personal experience or from published guides. There are publications such as the Craftsman National Cost Estimator that give detailed rate breakdowns for a wide range of standard painting tasks.

Note: The program uses the total rate ($ per unit) price in all calculations. All other fields are optional but recommended as they are used in job costing and reporting.

Rate Calculator:
Estimate Works has a handy calculator that uses the charge price for materials (including markup), coverage, application rate and the charge out labor rate to calculate the final price for the item.

Importing/Exporting Rates and Settings (Multi-user Version Only):
Rates and settings can be exported and imported into another Estimate Works database without affecting data in existing estimates. The data imported/exported includes :

  • Company Information and Estimators
  • Materials Rates and Descriptions
  • Extra Fees and Charges
  • Systems/Assemblies
  • Included/Excluded Items lists
  • Lookup tables (Room/Area Descriptions, Warranty Terms, Payment Date, Referrers, Estimate Status, Client Prefixes)