Modifying Saved Painting Estimates

To modify an existing estimate, the estimate can be opened in the estimator form, edited and then re-printed. Proposal documents are also saved as Word documents and can be opened and edited using the Word editor as with any other document.

To edit a document that has already been created, go to the Documents menu on the toolbar and select Open Estimate Contract. Browse to the document, open and edit or print the document. Documents are saved by default to the 'Painting Reports' sub-directory ('C:\Users\Public\Documents\Estimate Works V6\PaintingReports\'). You can locate a document that has already been created by opening the estimate in the Interior or Exterior Painting estimating forms and viewing the 'Rates & Settings' tab. The last four documents that were created for the currently loaded estimate are listed there.

Additional document formatting can be applied to documents that have been written by Estimate Works. From the Documents menu on the toolbar, you can select to add or update Table of Contents (Insert Table of Contents and Update Table of Contents) or Apply Heading Numbers to documents containing Heading 1 or Heading 2 styles.

Photos can also be added to enhance the proposal documents. See Adding Images to the Document for more information on this topic.

You can also open or modify the saved estimate/contract record by using the Open button on the Interior or Exterior Estimating Forms. Once you have made your changes use the Save button on the Painting estimating forms. You can then re-create the proposal document if desired.

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