Using Photo Inserts

If you wish to add your photos in a group at the end of a document or document section, Estimate Works provides tools to add the images and create the cross-references from the document text in one easy step. Many different photo templates styles are included and installed in the 'Photo Templates' directory.

Inserting Photo Template Pages:

Photo template pages can be added to the document as needed by selecting Insert Image - Insert Cross-Reference Template from the main toolbar or by clicking the 'Insert Cross-Reference Template' button on the Quick Photo Drop form. This will insert the page at the cursor position on the document. Different styles have varying numbers of photos per page and can be aligned left or center.

Insertingthe Photos:

Once a photo insert page has been included in the report document, photos with cross-references can be added in one easy step. Place the cursor on the report document where you want the cross reference placed and select Insert Image - (See Photo 1) Cross-reference or Insert Image - (See Photo 1) Cross-reference Text from the main toolbar.

The (See Photo 1) Cross-reference style will add the image to the next available spot on the photo insert pages as well as the 'See Photo 1' text as a cross-reference.

The (See Photo 1) Cross-reference Text style will add both the image and the sentence where the cursor is positioned on the document to the next available spot on the photo insert pages.

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