Inserting Images in Painting Estimates

A picture says a thousand words! Estimate Works makes it simple to include pictures as part of your proposal. Clients will be impressed with the professional proposal that highlights the 'before' picture of their home. Our exclusive picture tools can also be used with any Word document - not just your estimates!

Inserting Images in the document:

Pictures can be inserted directly into the body of the document or on a 'image insert' page. It's as easy as clicking on the document where you want the image to be inserted then choose the type of image to insert according to the pre-defined styles available on the Insert Images menu selections from the Picture Drop toolbar.

The following images styles are available:

  • Word Wrap File Image resizes, adds borders and word wraps the image right in the paragraph where the cursor has been placed in the document.
  • Cover File Image will resize, add borders and position the image on a cover page already added to the document.
  • Inline File Image will resize the image and place it at the cursor position. The image will not be word-wrapped, but images can be placed side by side. This type of image is also used when adding multiple referenced images at the end of the document.
  • (See Photo) Cross-Reference adds an image with or without captions to the next available image template file and create a cross-reference link at the cursor position. (See Using Image Templates in our help file for more info).

Formatting Images:

Images are formatted and resized as they are inserted according to the default settings specified on the Image Settings form. Any image can also be further resized or moved in the report by selecting the image and using the 'handles' to re-position the image.

Annotating Images:

Estimate Works includes tools so images can be annotated using arrows, text boxes and other shapes set to pre-defined styles by making the appropriate selection from the menu.

Using the Picture Drop Form:

The Quick Picture Drop form can also be used to insert images into the document. This tool is convenient as you can keep the form open on the top of the document and quickly insert or view images in your current image directory. (See Using the Quick Picture Drop Form in our help file for more information on this handy tool.)