Estimate Works Payments & Dates

Draws- Estimate Works displays up to four different draws that are available to be set and printed on each contract. The default draws can be re-configured or overwritten on each individual contract.

Estimate Dates - Estimate/Contract date fields are printed on proposals and work orders and are defined below:

  • Print Date - The date that will be printed on the current estimate or contract.
  • Start Date - The date that the contract will be started. This appointment date can be exported to MS Outlook. If the End Date field is also completed, the appointment will extend from the start date to the end date.
  • End Date - The date that the contract will be completed.

Exporting Dates to Outlook - Contracts can be managed using the MS Outlook scheduling feature. Estimate Works interfaces with Outlook to display your Outlook Calendar prior to confirming a contract start date. After confirming the contract the appointment can be added to Outlook and the program will automatically insert client and job site details into the appointment.

Job Status - The status of the proposal/contract is tracked with both a 'Contract Accepted' flag and a job status selection box for reporting purposes.

Price Multiplier - Estimate Works allows a quick adjustment to a proposal with a percentage multiplier used to re-calculate the final total of the estimate.