Estimate Works Schedule & Appointments

Estimate Works™ for Word includes features for both appointments and job scheduling. Optional integration with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Server allows client details, appointments and job schedules can be exported to Outlook to take advantage of the scheduling and reminder features already built in.

Clients can be imported into Estimate Works from Outlook, or can be entered into Estimate Works then exported to an Outlook Contact folder.

Client Appointments:
Client appointments can be created in Outlook or Exchange Server*. The exported appointment will include client details, job details and a field for general notes.

Job Start/End Dates:
Job dates are included in the work orders generated for job foremen or production managers. These dates can also be exported to Outlook. Estimate Works will automatically complete fields in the Outlook calendar such as the contact information and job site address. A current Outlook Calendar can also be viewed with the click of a button to confirm the availability of a contract start date.

*Exchange Server configuration available with Multi-user (enterprise) version only.