Setting Systems/Assemblies

Estimate Works can be configured to use an unlimited number of systems/assemblies for both exterior and interior estimates. Assemblies can be used as a check list for various types of jobs. Select the appropriate assembly when entering the job items for an estimate then delete or change the quantity of items as per the specific estimate.

Setting an assembly:
To set an assembly, open either the interior or exterior estimator form and load the items you want to add to the assembly to the Job Items grid on the Area/Room Details tab. You can also specify the number of coats for each item in the assembly. Ensure that the items are in the order that you wish them to be when they are re-loaded.

Click the 'Set System' button. You will be prompted for a name for your new system/assembly.

Deleting an assembly:
To delete an assembly, click the 'Load System' button on the Area/Room Details tab of either the interior or exterior form. When the form appears, select the assembly to delete and click the 'Delete' button.

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