Estimate Works™ Sample Estimates & Documents

Estimate Works proposals are created as Microsoft Word documents for maximum flexibility and easy editing. Unlimited custom estimate and contract templates can be created and used with ease. Detail, work order and many other client reports are available in Crystal report format that can be either printed or saved in a variety of document formats such as PDF, Word document or RTF.

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 Document  Description
  Interior Proposal Interior proposal document for residential repaint job. Prints only the total proposal amount.
  Interior Proposal with costs Proposal document for interior repaint job. Includes the breakdown of costs per room in the detailed project specifications.
  Interior Detail Sheet The detail sheet gives a complete breakdown of all components of the proposal.
  Interior Work Order Work order for interior repaint project. No prices are included, but a full breakdown of work to be completed on each room/area is listed. Designed to be given to the project foreman or sub-contractor.
  Exterior Proposal Exterior repaint proposal document. Project specifications are summarized by item.
  Exterior Proposal with costs Proposal document for exterior repaint job. Project specifications are totaled by item and include costs.
  Exterior Detail Sheet Detail sheet for exterior project.
  Exterior Work Order Work order for exterior repaint project. Includes a full breakdown of work to be completed on eachproject area.

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