Estimating Forms Client Information Tab

This tab is where you add your customer details, customer name, billing information and so on. To use a pre-existing client record, click the 'Find' button. To add a new contact, or import a client from your MS Outlook client list, click 'New'. To edit the details for a client already selected click the 'Edit' button. See Adding or Modifying Clients for more information on this topic.

Use the 'Outlook Appt' button to create an appointment in Outlook for the estimate. The appointment will include client details, job details and the text in the Appt Note field (see Using Outlook for more information on this topic). The Appt Note or Billing Note field can also be used as an open field to add notes to a proposal.

Click the 'Email' button to send an email to the current client where a valid email address is available. This feature uses the default email application on your computer.

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