Estimate Works Company Defaults

When you use your Estimate Works Painting Pro program for the first time, it is important to define the default settings for your company. These defaults can be accessed through Settings - Company Information or Administration - Company Information on the menu. Along with the standard company information fields such as Company Name and Address, the following settings must be completed.

The company information you enter here will be used on reports and when using document templates where the Company Information template fields have been added. To add these fields to a document, select Documents - Insert Estimate Template Fields - Company Information after opening your document.

The section below defines the standard company information fields.

Company Information form fields:

Field Name Description Required Validated Field Length
Company Name The name of the company. No No 75 char
Address The address of the company. No No 150 char
City The city where the company is located No Yes 50 char
Prov/State The province or state where the company is located. No Yes 20 char
Country The country where the company is located. No Yes 50 char
Postal/Zip Code The company postal or zip code. No No 20 char
Phone The company phone number.  No No N/A
Fax The company fax number. No No N/A
Cell/Mobile The company fax number No No N/A
Email The email address for the main company contact. No No 100 char
Website The URL of the company web site. No No 100 char
Association The membership number of your association. No No 100 char


  • Payment Due Dates and Amounts defines the default payment due dates and percentage amounts of the estimate totals. Four different settings are available. Any text can be used for the payment dates (such as 'on acceptance of contract'). The payment amounts are the default percentages of the estimate totals. To define new 'Payment Due Dates' text fields, click the 'Edit Default Pay Dates' button. To add these fields to a document, select Documents - Insert Estimate Template Fields - Payment Fields after opening your document.
  • Rate Defaults are settings used on the estimates and materials rates forms.
    • The Setup/Cleanup factor is a default percent amount that will be added to each estimate/contract to allow for miscellaneous overhead.
    • The Adjustment factor is a default multiplier amount that can be added (or subtracted) from individual items on an estimate. This defines the 'difficulty' of completing that particular item. For instance, if the default adjustment factor is 10%, each level of adjustment on the item will be an additional 10 percent.
    • The Labor Rate is used on the materials and rates form to assist in calculating a per unit price for each job item. **Changing this rate will NOT adjust current rates. See Setting Item Rates for more information on this topic.
  • Default Units - this setting is used to define the units (feet - ft. or meters - m.) that the dimensions are measured in.

Tax Settings:

  • 'Tax settings' define the tax names and tax percentages for the area in which your company operates. If you leave the Tax Name fields blank, all reports and forms that display taxes will use 'Tax 1' or 'Tax 2' where required. If you must charge taxes in your area, complete the Tax Percent field with the number of the tax percentage (eg. '7.5') and check the Use Tax box. To add these fields to a document, select Documents - Insert Estimate Template Fields - Estimate Cost Details after opening your document.

Edit Estimators:

  • Click the 'Edit Estimators' button use to enter or edit the names of your project estimators.

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