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From blogging painters - Posted by Nick Dunse answer your question, Estimate Works Pro is a great estimating software the best for PC I’ve ever used and I have reviewed many. Uses Microsoft word, very used friendly simple no big learning curve. Has a lot of great shortcut features . Loading templates so you do quick very detailed estimates etc...

From Ralph Rossi

Why use a computer program - specifically Estimate Works to write bids?

  1. Computers are completely objective. Once the rates are set there is no second guessing an estimate. I often look at jobs and have an idea what the price should be. Every now and then, my rough estimate is off by more than 10 to 15% compared to what the computer spits out at the end of the process. History has taught me, that once my rates are established, the computer is always right!
  2. Producing consistent estimate templates and pricing is very important for customer referrals and repeat business. Repeat customers build trust when your pricing and proposal process and pricing is consistent. Having a standardized program gives customers consistency.
  3. EW installed on a Tablet PC cuts my estimate time in half. That means I can do twice the number of estimates before estimate works or eliminate most, if not all, take home estimates. That means more time with my family, friends and/or for myself after work.
  4. Estimate Works provide a consistent template and system (especially with the use of customizable assemblies) for easily training other estimators and being confident that they will produce accurate and timely estimates. The use of customized assemblies also provides a checklist or roadmap for all estimators to make sure items are not missed during the estimate.
  5. Customers are impressed with the level of detail and timeliness of produced estimates. We strive to turn out all estimates delivered to our customer’s e-mail accounts within 24 hours of the estimate appointment.

    These are the major advantanges.

    Ralph E. Rossi, PE
    Pratt & D'Angelo Painting, Inc.
    Ph: 914-665-6094
    Fx: 914-665-4595

From - Posted by Crown Resto

Love the program so far. It's simple enough for a dummy to operate.

From - Posted by jmgallagher

First let me say outstanding job Rosa putting this program together that is afordable for small residential contractors like myself. It is extremely user friendly & quick to learn. It definitely dominates all of the other programs I have used or demoed. It allows me to put just the info that I want in it. Its not cluttered with info that I dont need, cant delete or edit. 

Once I put all of my data into the program (which took many hours) and doing many dummy estimates to check things and fine tune I was ready to go. I can do most estimates in under 30 minutes (meaning from take-offs to print)... the big ones take a bit longer. I have also increased my closing ratio by doing mobil estimates. My pricing have been consistant. The only typing I do is name, address, colors, and some misc side notes... other than that its all point and click. I went into the "edit estimate template" and typed in my own contract and info.

Most of my estimates are done before I leave the site. That is a huge benifit to me. No more late nights, or back logged estimates. We have all been there.

There are a TON of benifits to go with this program...

From - Posted by AAPaint

Devwave's software prints different now, and has editable templates so you can set it up any way you want to look. I consistently get compliments on how professional our proposals look in comparison to the competition.

From - Posted by AAPaint

Bang for your buck - You will not find a better, more complete method of estimating for the price. Period. You can take my word for it, I've beta tested about 3 versions of this software now and I've owned almost all the others as well...

From - Posted by JMGP

I use the same program too... I am also testing their new bata program that works with word... there programs get better but the dont jack their prices up...

Just so I dont have to type a long page... whatever AA said I agree 100%... nice program... YES you do need to spend a little time with it to load your OWN production rates and terms etc... once that is done.. you can produce a nice formated estimate very quickly...

I was using the PEP program for awhile and really liked that program... however... I have gone mobil for my estimates so I would of had to buy the PEP program again for 10x's what I originally paid for it... and then maintenace fees on top of that... no thanks! its not worth the money...

as far as the Paint Pro software... YES!! it is worth every penny.... once all your data is entered... all you need to do is type in your customers name and address... after that its all point and click... save.. print...

I have done about 12 mobil estimates so far with this program... I have sold every single job... they sign the contract before I leave their house... they were very impressed too...

While they are reading all the information I put together about my company and the benifits I offer...I call it the "Silent Sales Man" I am in my truck printing the estimate... by the time they are done going through the info. I am done with the estimate...

From Theo Jr. McCarthy

Hello Rose!
This is such a fantastic program!!! Thanks you so much for making my business more efficient and easier!

From - Posted by AAPaint

Yeah, you should really check out the Estimate works pro from devwave. It's what I use, and it keeps getting better. Pricing is not rediculous like other softwares. Takes a short time to get used to and then works like a dream.

From - Posted by THINKPAINTING

Its very easy to add your production rates, in unit pricing. It also links with word. Its a nice progam for residential. We use it.

From Tom

I'm not sure what I did that worked but all seems well. Thank you very much for all your help I wish a got service like this everywhere...

From Britt

Thank you
Your support is wonderful

From Kerri and Richard Matsen

Thanks for all of your help Rose, It makes me feel secure using your software knowing the support you offer.

Thank You,
Kerri MatsenRichard Matsen
Kerri Matsen
Matsen Painting LLC

Our software is an investment that will deliver results both immediately and in the long term. Our professional quality proposals will help you convert your estimates to contracts.