Estimating Forms Rates & Settings Tab

Document File Path - this section displays the complete file path for estimates and contract documents already created for the current estimate (see Managing Estimating - Print for more info). Double click on the file name to open/edit the document.

Edit Descriptions and Prices - this section is where you setup your default material description and rates and text defaults for the text that is written on the estimate and contract documents.

  • Paint Coverings, Doors, Windows, Ceiling, Baseboards, Trim, Soffits, Fascia, Floors/Decks - see Setting Item Rates for more information on setting the rates for these items.
  • Area Descriptions - Edit defaults for the Area/Room Description drop down boxes on the 'Area/Room Details' tab.
  • Site Descriptions - Edit defaults for the Site Description drop down box on the'Work Site' tab.
  • Warranty Comments - Edit defaults for the Warranty Comments drop down box on the 'Payments & Dates' tab.
  • Include Comments - Edit defaults for the Estimate Includes check boxes on the 'Details & Totals' tab.
  • Estimate Text - Edit defaults for text that is written to the estimate and contract documents such as the acceptance and disclaimer comments.

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