Image Settings:

Cover and Wrapped Images:

Images that are inserted into a document cover and directly into document paragraphs have their own settings for borders, shadows and default image size. Wrapped images are inserted directly into the paragraph selected and are aligned to the left or the right of the text.

The recommended size for images added to the document is 2-3 inches wide/high.

Inline Images:

Images that are inserted using the image insert pages, or anywhere the user wishes to place images side by side or above/below the text are inserted 'in-line'. This type of image has it's own settings for borders and default height or width.

The recommended size for images added to the report is 2-3 inches wide/high.

Annotate Highlight:

Settings for default width, color and size for the different types of annotations (i.e. arrows, circles and rectangles) are available.

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