Picture Drop for Word Software Overview

DevWave Picture Drop is an easy to use toolbar add-in for Microsoft Word* that helps you to insert and format images in your documents without the extra steps to format, position and resize!

Picture Drop helps you produce professionally formatted Word documents every time!


Insert and format images in one easy step!

Choose any of the methods below:

Automatically insert and format images in the body of your document or in an included 'image template' page complete with reference links and captions (more info).

Use the Quick Picture Drop form that floats over your current Word document so you can view and select your images as you go. Click on the paragraph where you want the image inserted and select the image and image style from the form (more info).

Save default border styles, image size and format settings for word-wrapped, in-line or cover page images (more info).

Annotate your images! Set default sizes and colors for arrow and shapes so you don't have to change your preferences each time you use Word (more info).