Setting the Data Source

When you first install Gallery Express, the database (ArtData.mdb) used to store your records and a sample database (ArtDataSample.mdb) will be installed in the same directory as the program (usually c:\Program Files\Gallery Express). If you wish to move the database to another location on the computer, or connect to a database already on another computer, you will need to set the path to the new data source.

Changing the path to the database can be easily accomplished using the Set Data Source form accessed through Administration->Set Data Source.

When you open the form, you will see the directory path to the database you are currently connected to in the Current Database Name and Path field. To connect to a different database, click the 'Locate Data Source' button. Browse to the new database on the open window and click 'Open'. If you have selected a file, it will now be displayed in the New Database Name and Path field. If your selection is correct, click the 'Apply' button. Gallery Express will now restart and you will be connected to the new database you have selected. *Note: Close all open documents or forms in the Gallery Express program before changing the data source.

If the file you have connected to is not a valid Gallery Express database, you will be shown this form again when the program restarts to enable you to make another choice.

Network Installations: If you will be using this program on a network, you may wish to move the database to the computer you have designated as a file server. It is recommended that you install the software on each workstation (as limited by your software license agreement), then set the data source path to the main database on the file server immediately after the installation. Note: If you receive the Set Data Source form when starting your program on a network installation, first check to make sure that your network connection to the computer where the database is located has not been broken before attempting to change your Gallery Express settings.

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