Known Bugs/Issues

Gallery Express Email on Vista/Windows 7

Issue: Gallery Express does not load the email form. An error occurs stating that the dhtml edit control is not available on the system.

Resolution: Microsoft recognizes this issue and has made a version of the dhtml edit control available for download for Vista users only.


Gallery Express Web Publishing

Issue: Gallery Express suddenly exits when you click 'FTP Connect' to upload your files.

Resolution: Files present on your computer are not correctly registered on your system. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the file link below with your right mouse button and select 'Save Target As'.
  2. Save the '' file to your desktop and extract the winsock.reg file.
  3. Double-click the 'winsock.reg' file on your desktop to update your registry with the correct setting.
  4. After the file is successfully registered, you can delete the 'winsock.reg' file from your desktop.

Using Gallery Express email

Email Issue: Gallery Express suddenly exits as the email form closes after sending an email.

Resolution: Files present on your computer are not compatible with the Gallery Express HTML editor window. Follow the steps below to replace the files with the correct versions:

  1. Close Gallery Express and open Windows Explorer (Click on the 'Start' button with your right mouse button and select 'Explore').
  2. Search for the following files. They may both be in your system32 directory and the 'c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\triedit directories'.
  3. Rename these files to: dhtmledOld.ocx  and trieditOld.ocx
    (To rename a file, click on the filename with your right mouse button and select  'Rename'.)
  4. Click on the file links below with your right mouse button and select 'Save Target As' . Save the files to the same directorie(s) where you renamed the original files.
  5. Restart your computer.

Email Issue: No mail is sent using the Gallery Express BULK email feature.

Resolution: Check with your ISP(Internet/Email service provider) to see if there are a maximum number of bcc strings allowed in an email. Open the 'Company Information' form and edit your email settings so that the maximum number of allowed recipients is less than that number (50 or less is recommended).

Email Issue: Not all emails are sent using the Gallery Express BULK email feature.

Resolution: There may be invalid characters in some of your client email settings. Check the client email addresses to make sure they do not contain invalid characters. Invalid characters include:
     ! # $ % ^ ( ) | { } < > [ ] ? and empty spaces

Client emails can be quickly checked by running the 'Customers by Email' report (Administration->Reports->Customer List->Customers by Email). The list of emails successfully sent are also available in the 'EmailRec' directory where Gallery Express is installed (usually 'c:\Program Files\Gallery Express 5').


Installation Issues - When starting Gallery Express after installation, the message "The database you have selected is not a valid Gallery Express database. Select a new database below." appears.   This message can appear after installing Gallery Express on Windows XP. This is due to an installed file that was not correctly registered on your system during the installation process. Resolution: Follow the instructions below to manually register the file.

1) Open Windows explorer, browse to your Windows system directory and locate the following file:    DAO350.DLL
2) Open the 'Run' box by clicking the 'Start' button on your task bar and type regsvr32.exe in the open dialog box.
3) Drag the file above into the run box and click OK or type the following after confirming that the file is located at this path. You may need to modify the path below if the file is located somewhere else:

You should now be able to start Gallery Express successfully. 

Version 4.1.1

Saving Art Inventory - When receiving an art inventory item from an artist where the 'Default Consign Rate' has been set, the consign rate on the 'Receive Inventory' form may revert to the default amount as the record is being saved.  
Solution: Fixed in future releases. If you have edited a consign rate for an item when receiving it and the amount is saved incorrectly, open the 'Edit Inventory' form to enter the correct consign rate.

Report Issues - Certain reports such as the art catalog report and artist mailing labels may cause the program to exit unexpectedly. Artist names with single quotes have been saved in earlier versions of the program. This is currently an issue that has been address by disallowing single quotes in Artist names, however any artists that were added previous to this version may be an issue. 
Solution: Edit any Artist names with single quotes.

International Issues - Version 4.1.1 and earlier issues are not fully compliant for all international settings. For certain regional settings, Error #3061 may occur when attempting to save data that has currency amounts. This will only occur where local currency delimiters are a comma (,) for the decimal marker. To ensure correct behavior, regional settings for your computer must be set to 'English - United States'. To check your regional settings - Open Windows Control Panel and click on the 'Regional Settings' icon. 

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