Getting Started with Gallery Express

When you first download Gallery Express, or install Gallery Express from a CD-ROM, the following main components will be installed on your system.

When you run Gallery Express for the first time (Program Files->Gallery Express on your start menu), you will be prompted to log on as the Administrator. The default password shipped with the software is 'express'. For security reasons, it is recommended that you change this password immediately. This can be done on the Add/Edit Employees form accessed through Administration->Employees on your Gallery Express menu.

To start using the program, it is necessary to ensure that the default settings for your company are set correctly. Read the Setting your defaults - Company Defaults and Validation tables sections before you begin.

Gallery Express Databases

Your software is shipped with a database that contains sample data for you to experiment with, and a new clean database that is ready to use. (See Validation tables for details on what information is included in the database.) 

The first time the program is used, the program is configured to use the sample database. Take this opportunity to experiment with the Gallery Express program features until you are comfortable with them before setting the database source of the program to the clean database where you can begin entering your data (see Setting the Data Source for more information).

If you are using Gallery Express on a single computer, you are now ready to begin!

If you are installing Gallery Express for use on a network (as limited by your software license agreement), you will want to locate the database on a computer you have designated as your file server. If your first installation of Gallery Express was not on the computer you wish to use as the file server:

  1. Copy the ArtData.mdb file {located in the directory you specified when installing the software) to your file server then run Gallery Express.
  2. Set the data source of the program to the database on your file server (See Setting the Data Source).
  3. Repeat Step 2 for each workstation where you are installing Gallery Express.

Gallery Express Screen Saver

Gallery Express comes complete with a screen saver that will display all art inventory that you have entered digital images for. You can configure the screen saver through Settings->Control Panel->Display->Screen Saver on your Start Menu. Select GalleryExpress as your screen saver and apply your changes. If you wish to change the configuration of the screen saver, click 'Settings'. You will be able to set the following configurations:

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