Company Defaults

When you use your Gallery Express program for the first time, it is important to define the default settings for your company. These defaults can be accessed through Administration->Company Information. Along with the standard company information fields such as Company Name and Address, the following settings must be completed.

Report Settings:

The settings defined on the Report Settings tab of the Company Information form control the display of the headings for all reports that are designed to be distributed outside your organization (customer statements, information sheets, biographies etc.). These choices are defined below:

The Report Settings tab is also where you can configure the policy that appears on the bottom of the information sheet that can be printed for each art inventory item. 

It is also important to enter your employees before using Gallery Express as all sales that are created are credited to a specific employee. If your gallery pays sales commissions to employees, ensure that accurate commission information is added with the employee in order to use the features provided to track and pay employee commissions.

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