Gallery Express - Sales & Accounting

The Gallery Express sales modules are designed to be the central point of the gallery software system. Here is where most of the daily transactions take place - entering work orders, completing sales and accepting payments. Any one of these transactions can be saved and completed independently, or processed as a single sale. And at the end of the day, a complete and detailed sales summary of these transactions can be printed and reconciled with your cash drawer.

Gallery Express has the flexibility to either create and pay an invoice instantly, or to create a work order for sales with more specific requirements.

  • Quick Sales - for 'cash and carry' sales when a client is purchasing an item and paying full.
  • Work Orders - for framing orders or sending items to a client 'on approval'.
  • Payments - accept full or partial payments for sales. When invoices are paid in full, consignment and employee commission records are automatically created where applicable.

Gallery Express Quick Sale Form