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The Gallery Express customer module manages all the contact information for gallery clients as well providing access to customer reports such as statements and marketing data that includes the customer's preferred artists.

Customer records can be either updated from the menu, or added 'on the fly' when adding a sales order for a purchase. The customer form provides the gallery with the following features:

  • Manage standard contact information such as billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers and email address.
  • Allow the gallery to enter the names of artists that the customers are interested in. These records are also automatically updated whenever the customer purchases an art work. These artist lists can then be used for filtering mailing lists and bulk emails.
  • View the customer's account balance, and last payment date at a glance. This information is also only a click away when entering a sales order, so you can be sure your customer's account is in good standing before entering new orders.

Gallery Express Customer Form

Contacting Customers

Gallery Express knows how important it is to reach your customers and keep them returning to your gallery. There are many features provided specifically for the gallery to manage their customer list and contact customers to advise them of shows and new inventory.

  • Reports - Customer Lists sorted by name, city, or by preferred artist.
  • Exports - Export your customer list to be used by your printer or bulk mail service.
  • Mailing labels - Print bulk mail labels for customers. Filter the mailing list by preferred artist to target only the customers interested in a particular artist if desired.
  • Bulk Emails - Send emails to all your customers that have email addresses. Filter the recipient list by preferred artist to target only the customers interested in a particular artist if desired. This service requires no special setup or fees as with many other gallery software packages. As long as you have an internet provider and an email account you can use this feature! Just select the filter criteria for the email, type the message once and click 'Send'.