Gallery Express Artist Module

The Gallery Express artists module combines the contact information for the artist, biographical information and billing information needed if the artist is consigning works to the gallery.

The contact information for the artist includes all standard contact fields including an email address and URL of the artist website. You can print a mailing label or send an email right from the form. A digital image of the artist can also be added directly from a file, a digital camera or a scanner.

Artist Biography

Information collected about an artist can be used by the gallery to promote the artist. Biographical data includes collections that include the artist's works, shows, memberships, and a history of the artist as well as other personal information such as where the artist was born. The biography is not required when establishing an artist, but is recommended.

Gallery Express Artists Form

Artist Accounts

Account information for an artist that wishes to consign works to the gallery is managed from the artist module. The gallery can select the payment terms for the consignments as well as the amount of taxes to pay the artist on any consignments paid out.

Gallery Express also provides a gallery manager with additional features to manage artist consignments.

  • Consignment Agreement - when consignment inventory is received, it can be automatically added to a consignment agreement.
  • Consignment Reports - after a consignment work is sold and paid for in full, a report detailing the amount owed to the artist/consignor is created. Then when the artist/consignor is paid, a statement for the consignor may be printed.