Gallery Express Web Site Publishing

The Gallery Express web publishing module is the complete answer to putting a gallery on-line. Set-up is fast, and once a gallery is using our software to maintain their site any gallery employee can update the web site with the click of a button.

The concept behind the Gallery Express web publishing is to create real html pages for your web site rather than relying on a database server to hold your data. One advantage to this approach is that our gallery websites can reside on any web server so a gallery using our web publishing features can select any internet service provider (ISP) they choose to host their site. Another advantage to our static web sites is that any search engine that reviews the gallery web site will index the inventory web pages. This will improve the chances of a gallery appearing in web search results, especially if someone is searching the internet for a specific artist.

Gallery Express Web Publishing Form

Other features of Gallery Express web publishing are:

  • Web pages can be customized to match any existing web site simply by modifying our supplied style sheets.
  • Templates are provided for additional forms to support on-line requests and e-commerce.
  • Web pages can be uploaded to a web server using either our built-in FTP program or existing Microsoft FrontPage software already in use at a gallery.
  • Settings are provided so a gallery can choose to have inventory that has been sold removed immediately from the web site, or have the inventory marked as sold and remain on the web site a specified period of time. Either way, the item is removed automatically.
  • Web sites can be published with or without prices.
  • Adding new inventory is as simple as checking a box when the art work is received into inventory. The next time the gallery updates their web site, a web page for the new item is added. Also, if any data on a published item changes, the changes are also reflected on the web site when the site is updated.
  • Artist biography pages are automatically created for any artist that has inventory published to the web site.
  • Shows and exhibitions that have been created within Gallery Express can be added to the web site by marking the show for publication on the next update.

While Gallery Express provides all necessary templates and documentation for your own web designer to integrate our published pages with your web site, we can also provide complete solutions including web site design, web hosting and e-commerce.

Example websites maintained using Gallery Express web publishing: