Gallery Express Art Inventory Modules

Gallery Express inventory modules give the art gallery owner complete control of all types of inventory. Our software can be used to manage unique art works, limited edition prints or other serialized items, and even miscellaneous inventory items such as posters, cards and magazines.

Our art inventory module features everything a gallery needs to manage their collection. The art inventory form is designed to be used to display art work to clients, keeping all sensitive information hidden behind the main display. Images can also be enlarged for a full screen view.

A selection of reports for each item are also available so you can print an information sheet complete with a digital image, or labels to affix to the displayed art works. 

Once a work has been entered into inventory, a complete history is compiled of all transactions relating to that item.

Gallery Express Inventory Form


Managing editions and serialized items in Gallery Express is no different from the unique items described above. Editions are managed from the same form as other art works, and have all the same features. Each separate edition is considered unique, with its own transactional history, consignment record, price etc.

The details of each edition are displayed on 'Editions' tab of the Art Inventory form showing the individual location, price, edition number and inventory status (i.e. in stock or sold).

Shows and Collections

The shows and collections module is a great way to introduce your clients to new art works, advertise specials, or manage related inventory items. Creating a collection allows a gallery to print a catalog, show labels or pick lists for a specified selection of art. Shows and collections can also be published to your web site and added to client emails.

Miscellaneous Inventory

The Gallery Express miscellaneous inventory module adds the capabilities of a standard point of sale program so you don't need more software to handle those extra items such as posters, cards and books.