Gallery Express Art Gallery Software Overview

Managing a commercial art gallery is all about maximizing sales efforts and keeping current; keeping clients up to date with new works of art, promoting current artists and events, and staying on top of all the usual aspects of running a business. Gallery Express, management software for galleries makes it simple. Contacting customers, entering information, retrieving history, and reporting on the business are all made easy using eight powerful drop-down menus.

The client data base maintained by Gallery Express includes history of activity and current contact information that is easily accessed, Inventory of paintings is kept current by using a unique inventory numbering system to capture product source, cost, sale price and an image - once entered, a complete history is maintained.

The supplier data base maintains the commercial terms and has a great feature whereby it is used to keep current biographies for each artist, of course the link to a website is seamless and simple to update.

Creating orders, invoices, and recording payments is easily accomplished in minutes - with the information flowing to the website and updating the inventory status.

Gallery Express report features include catalogues, label printing, and numerous management reports, if you don't see the report you need, the folks at Gallery Express will create it for you. For special projects, information can be exported for use by other software.

Software Features:

Inventory Module:

  • Limited edition prints without re-entering information.
  • Add digital images.
  • Displays the location status.
  • Provides transactional history.
  • Maintains conservation records.
  • Easily retrieve records.
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Customer Module:

  • Current customer list for advertising purposes.
  • Record preferred method of contact.
  • Record favorite artists.
  • Retains a complete history of all sales and payments
  • Current account balances at a glance.
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Sales & Accounting:

  • Sales orders for sales of inventory.
  • Work orders for work performed.
  • Create invoices on completion of the sale.
  • Automatically create commission records for items sold.
  • Split commissions between two employees if needed.
  • Automatically create records for consigned items sold.
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Artists Module:

  • Full biographical information including artist photos.
  • Integrates with the accounting and inventory modules.
  • Track records of art work on consignment.
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Reports & Catalogs:

  • Create professional information sheets on inventory or artists.
  • Print accounting reports for sales, payments, net profits etc.
  • Print customer statements.
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Website Publishing:

  • Create web pages based on your current inventory.
  • Create and link artist biographies.
  • Create and manage on-line shows and events.
  • Customize web pages with backgrounds, fonts, colors etc.
  • Keep gallery inventory synchronized with your web site.
  • Click a button and upload only the inventory that has changed.
  • Publish with built-in FTP or FrontPage 2000.
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Additional Services:

  • Hosting your Web Site.
  • Add e-commerce and sell art on-line.
  • Market your art with on-line search engines.
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Gallery Express software is the state of the art in gallery management software, the flexibility and ease of use are unparalleled, backed by the rapid response team who are always there with advice and problem-solving to help manage the business. Keeping your clients current and your business up to date is a job made simpler by Gallery Express, leaving more time to spend on developing sales.

Gallery Express simplifies workload, maximizes results.

Why wait to upgrade to the most modern art gallery management suite available when you can get started now with Gallery Express for as little as $995.00.